Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Starting Problem

After 18½ revisions, I have finally given up on writing a perfect opening post. Blogs caught my attention some 4 years back and I am still a work-in-progress towards posting something that is not only interesting, but useful as well.

I've often heard that someone with a voracious reading habit will eventually show interest in writing, at least scribble; but in my case it has taken a whole 14+ years to get moving. Terrible starting problems I suppose. You can also account it to my laziness. People at home call me lazy bum

So, right now the Where, What, When, How, Who scenarios are running through my mind making it blank. The Eureka moment, source, inspiration, drive, motive and everything is yet to arrive.

While my 386 processor brain keeps thinking about such things, I thought it is better late than never to kick start my blogging journey. You can find some interesting, stupid but relevant posts here coming your way.

Debundant blogger seeks blessing from seniors and peers from the blogosphere

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