Friday, February 15, 2008

"Marathi Maanus" - who is responsible

A beautifully directed action thriller is creating ripples across Maharastra suddenly. The main cast (Hero and villain) are getting accolades for their phenomenal performance.

With elections round the corner, it is regular work for politicians to dole out false promises, freebies and also with hold their respective cultural ethos. Unfortunately one soul who was the bread winner for his family in a ultra-competitive world lost his life by a stone pelting that was instigated and later substantiated with facts.

I am neither a politician nor a keen observer. In an era where, even a sniff by a public personality gets prime time coverage with SMS poll, it is indeed important that our politicians learn the art of checking their emotions and their cadres too.

Let me come to the point of protecting the culture across the country. Do we have a law that states that we have to abide by our culture? Does our law state that the respective citizens of their state get preference for jobs, houses etc.? Does our law state that you can take law into your own hands and attack innocent civilians who are earning their bread the right way irrespective of their caste or creed?

Well it is an emphatic NO. I digged up the history to understand the unrest in Maharastra. I believe we (citizens) let this movement grow into what it is today? Had the government decided 44 years ago that one person cannot take the state under his control for his personal accomplishments?

Media to me is a god's gift to us to ensure we stay hooked on to the happenings around. But using it as a tool to create communal divide should have been punished long time back. But then I just go the song that plays in my MP3 player "Yeh hai mumbai meri jaan" what a co-incidence and relevance in today's scenario?

Now that Raj Thackery has raised this issue of Marathi Maanus, I am just visualizing the impact of various sectors across the state:

  1. Lets start with Money, the stock exchange and stock trading community is mainly led by the entrepreneurial Gujurati community. Their smart investment brains has ensured our stock market soar levels that we never dreamt of
  2. The Reliance group has a very large presence in Mumbai. What will happen to the thousands of crores of taxes that they pay
  3. Software majors including Infy, Wipro, Satyam have branches in Mumbai with employees across India
  4. The trading and business community is led by a lot of North Indians. Calculate the taxes that will be lost
  5. Finally what % of your entertainment industry belongs to Maharastra

This list can go on. So where do find equilibrium. For this we need to look at the beginning of the problem - Infrastructure and space constraints. Obviously it is a long-term issue that has been addressed by the municipality in bits and pieces. Look for innovative taxation regime for business houses to ensure you get the necessary funds for your infrastructure development

My objective is not to highlight our country's intellectual spread. I am just saying as a country we have moved into a collaborative environment where every one of us can thrive.

I have one final question for Mr. Raj Thackery. You have recently acquired the defunct Binny Mills land for a few hundred crores. I am sure you are looking at a commercial / residential development in that area. Why don't you see this as an opportunity to set a classic example to lead the way for your state. Give preference for Marathi Maanus in building, business development and if you are building a residential complex ensure first preference goes for your community.

I believe this is a good example than taking the lives of innocent victims who don't even know you by face.

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