Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Astrology – Spoilt for choice

I've often wondered how practitioners of an ancient science of Astrology can interpret in different ways. From what I've read, astrology will always be an indicatory science, for it neither predicts the past nor the future. So how far would one believe in it and how far would one take its findings in its entirety.

This puts us all in a delicate situation, neither can we completely believe in one astrologer nor can we restrain from seeking a second opinion. I do understand some of its intricacies, but can someone recommend against marriage from a stars that are compatible.

Personally, I feel the astrologers with the influx of channels and divine weekly magazines are having a golden period twisting and turning the minds of a large number of parents / guardians.
Especially when matching horoscopes, I find astrologers marking horoscopes based on the total no. of matches against each. But then will finally say that it will not work and recommend a better match.

As a layman who does not understand this, how would you react?


Mythily said...


Deepa Gowtham's said...

Idhellaam konjam over Diwa,Ok now how would I react? I would call my match to sit with me and find out whether we have compatibility rather than going with the matches according to the horoscope.

Kuzhambi said...


Commonsense never prevails in issues like this. I have often watched people take irrational decisions on account of some crazy consulting decions.... ennatha panna